Spool Trailers For Polyethylene Pipe

RedRiverCarriersTexas Custom Trailers is proud to provide a full line of polyethylene pipe trailers from Red River Carriers. These polyethylene pipe trailers are great for all those currently in the oilfield industry. We currently offer two types of poly pipe trailers, stand up spool trailers and lay down spool trailers. Each of these trailers can haul large amounts of polyethylene pipe and are equipped with heavy duty axles. We also have gooseneck poly pipe spool trailers as well. These trailers can increase maneuverability while hauling the poly pipe. If you would like to see our inventory of polyethylene pipe trailers then please click here.

We are committed to making sure you find exactly what you are looking for. If you have any questions about these polyethylene pipe trailers or any other products and services we offer, then please call our store at: 940-627-2100 or click here to visit our contact us page.